John’s Favorite Box Office Reports

reviewIn this fast-paced, modern web culture of ours, content is quickly forgotten. And that’s too bad! In our monthly feature BORN AGAIN, we’ll correct this by highlighting old posts worthy of your attention.

Today, our very own John Carroll will list his five favorite box office reports in the history of the site. Here they are:

  1. Our very first box office report! This was a momentous occasion for us. Who knew that box office statistics were widely and freely available on the web? Not us! This was a revelation, and allowed us to introduce an entirely new category on the site.
  2. Our second box office report! It’s one thing to start a new feature, but an entirely different matter to continue on with it. I think we showed great initiative here.
  3. Our January 13, 2014 box office report! I was pretty hung over on this Monday. It took a lot for me to get out of bed by 3 pm to post this. But I soldiered on, because our readers deserve it.
  4. Our June 30, 2014 box office report! We forgot to write one for a few weeks. That was bad. But we owned up to it, which was good.
  5. Our December 8, 2014 box office report! Nick told me I needed five, so, I picked one at random. Winner winner chicken dinner!
John’s Favorite Box Office Reports

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