True Story

KoBDisc_TrueStoryThe collectors agree: the best new films come out on Blu-Ray quickly, and that counts doubly for True Story! Here’s what users at have to say about this James Franco / Jonah Hill romper:

Santana proclaims, “I love James Franco and Jonah Hill but I am ashamed.”

Kim Holleman wonders, “Does anyone really believe that a guy like Jonah Hills character would ever get a woman like his wife, outside of someone’s hollywood casting fantasy?”

J. Buke exclaims, “wow this really bombed!!!!”

D. Coben explains, “When a film with big Hollywood talent goes directly to rental without being shown in movie theaters, you can be certain it’s a … film.”

Mike McGrath gushes, “Seth Rogens Character was intriguing but also very annoying. James Franco needs to spend more time on oral hygiene.”

True Story

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