The collectors agree: if you want to show off your home theater, do it in style with the new release Unfriended! Here’s what users at Amazon.com have to say about this excellent Blu-ray:

Patt “Shop4Bliss” writes, “The people giving this high ratings are really blind. I rarely knock the opinions of moviegoers.”

THE MOVIE GUY explains, “I don’t video chat because I can only type naked.”

P.K. Collins enthuses, “I don’t quite know how to tackle the incredibly large hurdle of forming into words how truly terrible this film was.”

Ted Ragson raves, “I watched it because it was on, the same way you watch any other dumb movie you stumble on, I just happened to pay to watch this one.”

Bestmom gushes, “No wonder there was no preview I was scammed into this purchase.”


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