The 10 Best Bradley Cooper Films

3-Bradley-CooperFriend of the show Bradley Cooper is the first subject of our new feature RANK FILMS. As voted by The Critics Agree Advisory Board, Editorial Staff and Intern Crew, here are the 10 best films of Bradley Cooper:

  1. Serena
    Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are the most dynamic duo working in Hollywood today. They’ve never been better than in Serena.
  2. Aloha
    Cameron Crowe is one of the best writer/directors in the business. Teaming up with Bradley Cooper is a no-brainer.
  3. The Comebacks
    We have a soft spot for sports movies, so we had to highlight the definitive Bradley Cooper football movie. Touchdown!
  4. Failure to Launch
    Cooper shines opposite Kate Hudson in this delightful romantic comedy!
  5. The Hangover, Part III
    Bradley is the keystone star of this trilogy, and The Wolfpack’s madcap adventures are as zany as ever in this fitting end to the series.
  6. Valentine’s Day
    Most actors look to cement themselves in moneymaking Christmas movies. It was nice to see Coop mix it up in this ode to everyone’s favorite February holiday.
  7. Joy
    We’re ranking this low because we haven’t seen it yet, but based on the trailer, we feel like we need to include it here!
  8. Yes Man
    Bradley Cooper is a modern day Jim Carrey, which is why we absolutely had to include this iconic team up of past and present comedy stars.
  9. He’s Just Not That Into You
    While we love Bradley Cooper, we love groups of celebrities even more! This film is a who’s who of Hollywood royalty.
  10. The Rocker
    It was an absolute pleasure to see Rainn Wilson take Bradley under his wings and show him what it’s like to be amongst the stars.
The 10 Best Bradley Cooper Films

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