TIFF Elitists Snub Star Wars

In a move that honestly doesn’t surprise us, Star Wars sequel The Force Awakens has been excluded from the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

TIFF organizers have ignored the franchise since its inception, and our demands* for an explanation continue to go unanswered. We can only speculate that America’s taste in epic science fiction storytelling doesn’t jibe with their snobbish Canadian sensibilities. Take a look at Episode III‘s international gross for example:


That’s right, Canada is nowhere to be found.

Are you as peeved as we are? Show it by tweeting #AddStarWarsTheForceAwakensToThe2015TorontoInternationalFilmFestivalLineup now. If it trends, we could bring about the change Star Wars fans (and Americans) deserve. To infinity and beyond!

*The only contact we have is a customer service email at TIFF’s parent company Tiffany & Co. If anybody has an alternate address, please send it over.

TIFF Elitists Snub Star Wars

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