The collectors agree: every home theater enthusiast needs a WWE Studios film in their collection. Why not make it Vendetta? Here’s what users have to say about this exciting new release:

Rudarudd raves, “Dean Cain is an ‘action hero’ who’s totally out of shape and wears baggie clothes to hide this fact the entire film.”

Agamemnon says it’s “about as believable as the WWE.”

Owen S. Okel writes, “I think the movie Vendetta was awful; bad acting, bad plot, bad directing, just bad! My wife disagrees.”

Amazon Customer gushes, “This movie is quite different from other movies you see Dean Cain play in. I thought he did a good acting job, which will tell you he is a good actor.”

Tony Heck proclaims, “This is my house, the only thing that badge will get you in here is a slit throat.”


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