The tweeters agree: we all have Lily Tomlin’s new film Grandma on our minds! Here’s what the users of have to say about the weekend’s big new release:

@sharieffjoyce1 proclaims, “what the fuck man my Grandma is bein ode”

@Swissher_nlmb gushes, “I ain’t give a fuck what my Grandma said”

@TheRealHarjotB explains, “They are next door to each other but like fuck my Grandma I should go home”

@Amanda_Boomboxx raves, “Wish my mom would fuck off and quit trying to act like she’s #1 Grandma/mother. Pshhhhh get out of here.”

@williethebot writes, “i wanna fuck you hard and long on your Grandma‘s dinner table, while she watches…ok”


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