Owen Wilson in No Escape

The tweeters agree: everyone’s dying to see No Escape this weekend, particularly with all of the buzz surrounding Owen Wilson’s star performance. Here’s a sampling of the buzz from Twitter.com:

@peytonism notes, “My life is more fucked up than Owen Wilson’s nose, and that’s saying something.”

@KimHunt51 writes, “Then god said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light and he regretted making Adam in the dark because he gave him Owen Wilson’s nose.”

@MarcoooBitches proclaims, “i wanna punch owen wilson’s nose back into place!!!!”

@benarmishaw explains, “I haven’t been able to unsee that Owen Wilson’s nose looks like a penis since it was pointed out to me in 2004.”

@crk5 wonders, “Has anyone ever set up a twitter account for Owen Wilson’s nose?”

Owen Wilson in No Escape

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