Good Kill


The collectors agree: Good Kill is a good addition to anyone’s Blu-ray collection! Here’s what users are saying about the week’s big new release:

Charlie explains, “I was very reluctant to give the makers of this movie my money because I was pretty sure from the previews what it would be. I figured I would bite the bullet and do it so I could have some credibility in my review.”

D.E. adds, “Please read Charlie’s review as it is highly accurate.”

Jack Crane writes, “The CIA is made to look like some ominous, cold-hearted bad guy. The writer actually believes the Air Force lands on carriers. This, and many other inaccuracies made what could have been a solid movie into a bad one.”

Darla gushes, “If you want to watch a bus driver work, it’s similar.”

. raves, “americans love to watch people suffer and die”

Good Kill

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