The Indian in the Cupboard

KoBDisc_IndianCupboardThe collectors agree: you’re not a real movie fan unless you own today’s Blu-ray release of The Indian in the CupboardHere’s what Amazon users are saying about it:

A Customer writes, “I rate it 9.5 on the scale to 10.”

Jessica gushes: “I was really surprised by the swear words and brief pornographic clip where the boys are watching TV late at night in a slumber party. It ruined the whole movie. We did not keep it for our movie collection.”

A Kid’s Review thinks, “This movie is really boring, but it is a good movie overall.”

lbp024 says, “I didn’t remember there was a scene of the little boy and is friend watching something filthy on TV. So disappointing. I chucked it in the garbage.”

Rachel Sullivan raves: “Ty”!

The Indian in the Cupboard

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