I Was Stuck in a Bar for 7 Hours Yesterday

The numbers agree: it wasn’t so bad.

As many of you know, I occasionallyCoopersPint like to throw back a few pre-writing drinks to loosen up the ol’ creative juices. Well, I guess my  juices were a little too loose yesterday afternoon, because I hit a curb turning into the parking lot at Phil’s Happy Hour Tavern and got a flat. I still think Phil needs a wider driveway (I’ve been telling you for years, dude!), but that’s another conversation for another time. Anyway, I didn’t have a spare and couldn’t get a ride home until my wife finished work, so I spent the day sampling my second favorite watering hole’s domestic beer menu instead of researching the box office numbers. In lieu of today’s report, here are my weekend totals from Phil’s Happy Hour Tavern:

Budweiser–1 glass
Bud Light–2 glasses
Bud Light Lime–2 glasses
Land Shark–4 glasses (but I spilled one)
Coors Light–2 glasses
Michelob Ultra–2 glasses
Miller High Life–1 glass

I also did a shot of Jägermeister.

I Was Stuck in a Bar for 7 Hours Yesterday

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