Savage Weekend

KoBDisc_SavageWeekendThe collectors agree: prepare yourself for the unforgettable horror classic Savage Weekend. On Blu-ray today!

Bud Horrific raves: “Sure it took forever for anything to happen, but I didn’t mind it.”

Aaron Dean notes, “I lost count of how many times the BOOM MIC was clearly visible in the frame!!” Maybe that was a creative choice, Aaron!

Amazon Hall of Famer Robert I. Hedges notes: “the movie is available as part of the “50 Movie Pack: Drive-In Movie Classics” collection, normally for less that you would pay for this single DVD.” 😮

Big Mike teases, “I vividly recall that there were several nude and racy scenes and some fairly graphic violence, as well.”

Unknown writes, “The low key action lacks any real chutzpah until the last half hour when our psycho begins to get his freak on.” Whoa! Spoiler alert, Unknown!

Savage Weekend

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