Critic of the Month trophy

The critics agree: there’s no better film critic this month than Molly Eichel!

That’s right, for our September 2015 Critic of the Month, we’re recognizing Molly Eichel of The Philadelphia Inquirer! Molly has all of the qualities we love in a critic: she loves movies and loves writing about them!

In honor of her award-winning month of work, we’re sharing several of her recommendations with you:

  • Molly says 2015’s Vacation reboot is “one of the cleverer…comedies.”
  • Speaking of comedy, Molly loves it when her favorite comedians team up: “Do you like jokes…? Well, if you do, then Get Hard is the movie for you.”
  • She calls the sleeper hit Baggage Claim: “a…rom-com.”
  • Molly is also a huge Adam Sandler fan. She thinks The Cobbler is a “fairy tale” that “continues to grow…as it walks.”
  • And guess what, folks? She even reviews TV shows: “I did…laugh at The Muppets“! We did too, Molly. We did too.

As you can see, Molly has a broad taste in film. Her palette is remarkable, and we recommend you keep tabs on her in the future. This critic is going places…aside from the movies, that is!

Congratulations, Molly Eichel, from all of us here at The Critics Agree!