Welcome back, cinephiles, to our newest feature at TCA: par-uh-dahym!

This month’s release comes from Katie Brown at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. Congratulations, Katie!

Not familiar with par-uh-dahym? Read our inaugural post here.


What constitutes cinema? If a filmmaker deliberately rejects the creative norms of her industry, will that industry, in turn, reject her?

UArts sophomore Katie Brown further challenges our notions of entertainment and artistic value with her follow-up to last year’s VHS Tapes of Other People’s Families by abandoning the generally accepted language of cinematic storytelling in favor of a statically shot, long-form anti-narrative.

483 minutes

Special features:

  • 8 additional hours of clouds
  • Audio commentary by performance artist Corvina Paviorié
  • My Roommate Makes a Sandwich (2012), Katie’s first college short

Image Source for Box Art: Jon Applebaum