The Caped Crusader

It’s not often we get emails as exciting as this! A big thanks to our new favorite fan (and future co-worker?) Pandora’s Lunchbox.

Yo N-dawg! Pardora’s Lunchbox here with a breaking TCA exclusive!

First of, congrats on the website. I’m a huge huge HUGE movie buff like you and John. The whole process is just so fasinating; writing, directing, etc. I’m biggest hobby is collecting screenplays from the Hollywood underground. Obscure stuff ,like early drafts of popular movies and stuff like that. i know you’re a fellow Batman fan and i think i have something here that’s right up your alley! As you’re aware, during production of ‘Batman & Robin’ Joel Schudmacher started preliminary work on a 5th movie to be called ‘Batman Triumphant’ What some poeple, and certainly I didn’t know is that there were OTHER SEQUELS were also being developed simultaneously! Using some pretty impressive dectivive work (that i’m sure the DarKnight himself would approve of, hahha) I was able to track down a HARD COPY OF ONE OF THOSE SCRIPTS!!1! I’ve attached some few pages to wet your whistle for the meantime, and will send the rest as soon as their scanned!!! Enjoy!!

It’s not what I am underneath but what I do that defiens Me,
Pandora’s Lunchbox



The Caped Crusader

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