Tweeters beware, you’re in for a scare! Here’s a taste of the internet buzz surrounding Jack Black’s new Goosebumps flick:

@milasboss gushes: “I wanna see the new goosebumps movie”

@elrob writes, “All the Goosebumps stuff makes me want to read Goosebumps books again, RT if you were once a child” How about we feature you on our Twitter Thursday post instead?

@liverrwurstt notes, “all the dads in goosebumps are total dilfs like wtf”

@Megan_Hendo raves: “I know I’m a few days late but damn #thevoice is killing it this year. #goosebumps”

@YungGzus_ asks, “Who down to see goosebumps ?” We are, YungGzus_! You buy the tickets, we’ll buy the popcorn.



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