The critics agree: why aren’t there any reviews for Woodlawn?

We checked everywhere:




How are we supposed to do our job when our fellow critics don’t do theirs? Totally unacceptable.

We did find some excellent write-ups for The Bronx’s Woodlawn Cemetery on TripAdvisor. And there’s no way we’re waiting all day for Woodlawn reviews to post, so —

The TripAdvisors agree: death comes to life at Woodlawn Cemetery!

Judith B calls it “truly wonderous!”

Navylicious gushes: “A zen like resting place in New York”!

Mark T says, “You’ll forget that you are in a cemetery.”

Joan T notes, “This was a definite historical event for the family.”

Al C raves: “Even if you don’t recognize the names inscribed, you can tell from the construct of the mausoleums, who had the money in NYC!”