Jurassic World


The collectors agree: when it comes to buying Blu-Rays, we must always own the year’s top-grossing movies! That’s why we’re anxious to pick-up a copy of Jurassic World. Here’s what users of Amazon.com have to say about this new release:

Marcin notes, “Explain to me how a girl can outrun a T-rex in high heels.”

Pejman Ghadimi writes, “The chick runs from dinosaurs in a forest for two hours with 6 inch heels.”

Jim H. asks, “Fleeing a T-Rex with heels on… not running the MOMENT it made an appearance?”

Lyle Carbutt proclaims, “Then of course we have the lady who runs around the jungle in high heels and a skirt.”

HettM explains, “Early on it became hard for the story to convey any believability at all when the lead female character ran around in 5-inch pencil thin heels, not just at work, but also running around in the woods, on muddy ground, and then outrunning dinosaurs in those heels. Was this a joke nod to women refusing to wear heels to the Oscars recently? C’mon, it’s the year 2015. The majority of women are smart enough not to torture themselves in extreme heels, especially at work.”

Jurassic World

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