November 2015

Welcome back to par-uh-dahym!

Our November release comes from the extremely talented co-founder of The Critics Agree: John Carroll! Now before anybody accuses us of favoritism, we’d like to note that John’s only competition this month was a YouTube video of a cat knocking stuff off of a kitchen table. (We would’ve gone with the cat, but he never got back to us.)

Not familiar with par-uh-dahym? Read our inaugural post here.


John Carroll’s hilarious Snapchat videos were well-known among his co-workers at H.H. Gregg, but it was this YouTube upload that skyrocketed the aspiring celebrity to internet superstardom.

Carroll stars as Foxwell Kutcher, a newly divorced film blogger who returns to his hometown and moves in with an old high school buddy (played by John’s real-life friend Nick Klinger). Equal parts earnest and funny, Dirty Sneakers is a raw, unapologetic look at a middle-class white male searching for his place in life.

90 minutes

Special features:

  • Audio commentary by John Carroll
  • Audio commentary by Nick Klinger
  • Audio commentary by John Carroll and Nick Klinger
  • Blooper reel
November 2015

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