Donald Trump

Critic of the Month trophy

The critics agree: there’s no better film critic this month than Donald Trump!

That’s right, for our November 2015 Critic of the Month, we’re recognizing Donald Trump of! Donald has all of the qualities we love in a critic: he loves movies and loves to write about them after watching them.

In honor of his award-winning month of work, we’re sharing several of his recommendations with you:

  • Mr. Trump loved Unbroken, writing: “And we complain about waterboarding.”
  • Donald said that Django Unchained was a “movie I have … seen.”
  • DJT called Lincoln “sad” (surely because of the ending).
  • Trump took a bold stance on Tom Cruise, tweeting: “I don’t care what people say, I like Tom Cruise.”
  • Don didn’t like The Dictator. He noted that it had “Lots of bad reviews.”

As you can see, Donald has a broad taste in film. His palette is remarkable, and we recommend you keep tabs on him in the future. This critic is going places … aside from the movies, that is!

Congratulations, Donald Trump, from all of us here at The Critics Agree!

Donald Trump

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