John and I recently met two locals who took their love of the now-defunct video store to the next level.

At their request, we’ve changed their names protect their anonymity. (Apparently trespassing is a felony around here.)

TCA: What inspired you to explore the old Blockbuster?

Franklin: Okay, so my cousin retweeted this Buzzfeed article called 48 Struggles Only ‘90s Kids Understand. Most of it was just references to TV shows I never watched, but there was this one part about renting videos from Blockbuster. When I read that I was like, “Oh man, I remember this!”

Bash: Franklin called me all excited like: “Yo, do you remember this?” And I totally did.

Franklin: Yeah, and then Bash reminded me about the old Blockbuster down the street, so we decided to take a drive.

I’m surprised it wasn’t torn down or renovated into something else.

Bash: It’s been vacant since it closed. There were rumors about it becoming a Domino’s back in ‘09. I don’t know, maybe the rent is too high.

What was the most fucked up thing you saw?

Bash: [Laughs]

Franklin: Bash is laughing because everything we saw was pretty fucked up.

Bash: It was crazy. Like the old carpet and the check-out counter? They were still there.


Franklin: And the Quick Drop slot. That too.

Bash: And I’m pretty sure there was a DVD case or something in the back corner. I couldn’t see too good. The windows were dirty.

You didn’t go inside?

Franklin: Oh, no, we couldn’t. The place was locked up pretty tight. But there was this gated area around back —

Bash: Where the dumpster used to be.

Franklin: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, that was wide open. We found a bunch of old signs back there. Like from when the store was going out of business. Stuff like “50% OFF ENTIRE STOCK” and “EVERYTHING MUST GO.”

No way!

Franklin: I know! [Laughs]

Sounds like you were snooping around for a bit. It’s crazy you guys weren’t caught.

Bash: I don’t want to sound arrogant, but…we’re really good at not getting caught. We like taking risks, but we’re not stupid. That’s kind of our thing.

Franklin: Yeah. Like this one time in high school, Bash and I stole a couple of beers from my parents’ fridge. And we were all, y’know, whatever about the whole thing.

Bash: Yeah.

Franklin: And when my dad asked me about it, I was just like, “Chill, dad. It’s cool.” You know? And that was that.

So what’s next for Franklin and Bash?

Franklin: We’ve been wanting to visit this other abandoned building near Bash’s place.

Bash: It used to be a Discovery Zone.