The 2015 Critic of the Year


The critics agree: we love to honor movie critics. In 2015, we had the privilege of awarding the prestigious Critic of the Month award to 11 deserving writers:

Janaury: Jordan Hoffman
February: Lou Lumenick
April: Nick Hamden
June: The Fat Movie Guy
July: The Movie Review Dude
August: Glenn Kenny
September: Molly Eichel
October: Katie Walsh
November: Donald Trump
December: The Guy Who Sat Next to Nick When He Saw Joy

While we’d like to give the award to most of these critics (sorry, Glenn & Jordan), we must choose one. And only one. Those are the rules we set out for ourselves, after all.

Thus, we’re thrilled to name MOLLY EICHEL the 2015 Movie Critic of the Year. Molly is the first woman to win the award, following in the footsteps of 2014 Critic of the Year Matt Donato and 2013 Critic of the Year Sam Adams.

Why Molly? Well, first and foremost, she saw movies in 2015. Furthermore, she reviewed them. But most importantly, she was nice to us on Twitter. Hollywood is a fickle beast, and when you can find someone as kind and forgiving as Molly, you simply must name her the best in her field.

Congrats to all of our deserving competitors. Whether “Fat” or “Donald Trump,” you all deserved your awards, and we look forward to seeing what you do with the rest of your careers in This Business We Call Show.

The 2015 Critic of the Year

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