The Martian


The collectors agree: there’s no question that Ridley Scott’s The Martian is the biggest Blu-Ray release of the week. With that in mind, here’s what users at have to say about the disc on everyone’s mind right now:

Ronald E. Brown writes, “I was looking for a Matt Damon entertaining movie and instead I was put through a depressing ordeal.”

Karel Kozuh explains, “This was a disappointment. The movie shifts between an action film, MacGyver, and a hosted travel guide to the planet Mars, numerous times.. A movie should have an identify and not be searching for a format…this confused format really detracts from a decent plot. The fourth wall is broken about 1000 times…this is done to explain simple concepts to the viewer that really don’t need to be explained. This leaves a moderately intelligent adult viewer feeling like their watching a kids film..”

Will b spoils, “The gratuitous yea NASA employees jump and cheer at the end.”

Susan Roylance notes, “They obviously tried to copy Cast Away in space.”

JanM raves, “This made surviving on Mars for over a year look easy.”

The Martian

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