Snowed Out of Theaters


The numbers agree: holy shit I am sore from shoveling all that snow.

That’s right, dear readers: as residents of Hollywood (Pa.), we had to shovel ourselves out of a monster winter storm over the weekend. And we were not alone! The entire East Coast of the United States was under attack. I’m sure it snowed elsewhere in the world, too. Maybe even in China.

With that in mind, it hardly seems fair to report on The Revenant winning the weekend with $16 million. Instead, here’s our projections on what would have happened if it hadn’t snowed:

1. Dirty Grandpa – $88 million
2. The Revenant – $17 million
3. Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens – $13 million
4. Ride Along 2 – $12.9 million
5. Anomalisa – $1 million

Snowed Out of Theaters

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