July 2014

The critics agree: dinosaurs are super cool, which is why Jurassic Park is such a great movie! Naturally, we had to honor one of the best summer movies of all time for July 2014’s Clip of the Month. Enjoy!


February 2014

The critics agree: Jennifer Lawrence is the tits! Continue reading “February 2014”


January 2014

The critics agree: Kevin Smith has directed a lot of great movies! That’s why January’s Movie Clip of the Month Award goes to a scene from his smash hit comedy Cop Out. Continue reading “January 2014”


November 2013

The critics agree: music videos are like much shorter movies! That’s why we’re making teen sensation Nicole Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksgiving” our movie clip of the month!

Continue reading “November 2013”


October 2013

The critics agree: The Matrix trilogy is awesome! So this month, we’re bringing you one of our favorite scenes from the third film in the franchise, The Matrix Reloaded. Continue reading “October 2013”


August 2013

The critics agree: great books make even better movies! That’s why August’s Movie Clip of the Month Award goes to a scene from our favorite adaptation: Steven Spielberg’s Hook, based on Pema Chodron’s novel Don’t Bite the Hook. Continue reading “August 2013”